Sunday, January 4, 2015

2 weeks have passed...

Two weeks of no work or school have passed for the both of us. Cody goes back to reality of work and school tomorrow (I have one week left...which will involve hours of school prep) Enjoying winter break at home together has been so relaxing, and I find that the best memories of break were simple routines I didn't even think much about in the moment.  I'm going to miss making dinner in my pjs...eating that dinner with Cody in front of the tv...and then snuggling next to Cody until I felt like transferring to bed.  As cheesy and ridiculous as this may sound, I find myself getting emotional thinking about how much I'm going to miss those moments as the work and school responsibilities officially resume.  Our first holiday season living together AND being married may not have been filled with many glamorous moments...we went out to dinner at Texas Roadhouse during the first weekend of lunch at Chipotle one afternoon....had dinner at PF Changs on New Year's Eve and then spent the evening on the couch... Being someone who  likes to go out on the weekends, I found myself just wanting to be home with Cody.  I call him "my burly" (because of his beard!), and after this break, I'm committed to finding ways to make these at-home cozy moments with my burly a priority. I guess I should let the County know that I'm changing my address to Bnsf train...cause he's never "home."

Technically  I have another week to lounge around (so thankful!), but I feel like reality is back for me as well.  I keep having to remind myself to calm down and not overwhelm myself with the work I want to do before the students come back to school.  I have plans for going back to the classroom at least 3 times this week...but I know I can't be in the classroom for so long that I drive myself nuts before school even starts again! Lots of teachers don't go back to school at all during the entire break, so I should feel accomplished knowing I will be there at least 3 days! The first half of the school year I was overridden with work-related anxiety, and it was getting a lot better as winter break got closer.  I am going to work hard setting realistic goals for myself of what I want to get accomplished each week, so I my anxiety doesn't get the best of me.  I know it wont' be easy, but one thing I will always look forward to is coming home to my burly!!

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