About Us

One of our first pictures - June 2010

He winked.  She winked back. That's how it all started...on match.com.  Yes, Cody and Diana are an online dating success story.  However, honestly, they are so much more than that.   

The first face-to-face visit went like this.  Even though Diana had a good intuition that Cody was a safe person, she knew she had to still be safe by meeting Cody with a group.  So she invited Cody to meet up with her and a "few" of her friends.  Turned out she happened to be with more like a 6 or 7 sorority sisters. Diana was so excited to meet Cody, and when she saw him through the window walking towards their meet up place with his cousin, she got up and walked towards the door.  Then when their eyes met, Cody went right in for a hug, and Diana interrupted him with a respectful handshake.  Just a little bit awkward.  They both laughed it off, and Diana eventually gave him a hug.  They ended up sitting  right in front of a ridiculously loud cover band, and began a conversation that eventually evolved into something super special and truly everlasting.

Fast Facts about Diana and Cody
Diana has 1 older brother.
Cody has 4 brothers and sisters.
Diana is a special education teacher and she spends way to much time working.
Cody is a computer data recover and computer forensics whiz.
Diana is addicted to Facebook and Pinterest.
Cody is addicted to Reddit.
Diana can't live without her morning coffee. In fact, coffee once a day is usually not enough.
Cody can't live without his access to technology.
Diana could live off pizza and Mexican food.
Cody could live off off Chipotle and Pieology.
Diana doesn't really share Cody's interest of watching movies at the movie theater.
Cody doesn't really share Diana's need to ALWAYS be doing something.
Diana and Cody had Disneyland annual passes together for 2 years.
Diana and Cody's first real date was to the Irvine Spectrum - dinner at P.F. Chang's.
Diana and Cody got married on July 19, 2014 and they jetted to Poipu Beach, Kauai the next day for their honeymoon!