Saturday, August 30, 2014

First Post Since the Wedding!

Yes, this wedding website has turned into our family blog.  I've been waiting for this day!

Life since the wedding has been non-stop to say the least.  The day after the wedding we went on our honeymoon to Kauai. We got home early Friday morning, then the next day we went to my college friend's wedding. That next Monday Cody started work again, and I had one day to be a "housewife" before I had to go to Common Core training for my new teaching position.  I had 3 days of full-day training that week, and then on Thursday I got the keys to my classroom.

After that week, I had one week to prepare my classroom and becoming familiar with my student's information and the first day of school started the next week. For me, it's been at least 12 hour work days Monday through Friday, and even on the weekends I'm working for at least 10 hours.  Being a teacher is not easy - and it doesn't matter what kind of teacher you are, whether you are teaching general education or special education.   With the new Common Core, everything is so different for EVERYONE!  I see the hard work and stress that long-time teachers are going through every day right now, and in a way, it makes me feel like I'm not alone in feeling overwhelmed with everything.

Here are some pictures of my classroom before school began and after the first week :)

Back to School Night! See my sign in table :) 

To add to the busy-ness of the Horner household, Cody and I recently started a new semester of school. Cody is busy with school work when he gets home from work, and when I get home from work, I am typically doing more work work - school work for me seems to left until Friday evening.  I'm fine with that though.  I actually finished my homework for the week last night!  I was quite proud of myself.  Cody made our first meal with our slow cooker last Sunday (pulled BBQ pork) and it lasted us ALL week.  I didn't have to do any cooking - which was awesome! I dont' know how I would have had the time to cook....there was just no time! This week ended really well, and I can say that I held a successful Back to School night for the families of my classroom and I am finally feeling like my classroom is developing a good routine that works for everyone - me, my staff, and my students!

This is the first weekend I feel like I am able to take a break from my life as a least for one day out of this three day weekend. This morning I woke up....had bagel with Panera berry cream cheese that Cody got for me from one of his work breakfasts (YUM!)....deposited my first pay check *cha-ching!*....browsed the Kohl's for the first time in forever *really wanted to buy some boots*....and then stopped at Hobby Lobby.  I didn't buy a thing - but I totally could have, if I let myself! We're trying to save for a home, so extra extra spending cannot happen.  Still...Cody was so sweet last weekend and ran to Michael's to buy me some lamination sheets for my laminator :)  I was so stressed about not being able to laminate stuff for my students that he just couldn't handle it. I think the purchase was more for his sanity than for mine :) With work being so overwhelming, I've been an emotional roller coaster at home and my poor husband has been having to deal with me.  He's so amazing!

Well, it's time for Cody and I to make a Costco run - we're having the family over tomorrow for dinner!

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